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STE2 PLUS is a professional LAN & WiFi remote sensor monitoring product. You can connect external sensors (up to 15 values) to two RJ11 ports. External detectors can be connected to 2x DI (digital input). The STE2 PLUS is a professional product with HTTPS custom certificates, SNMPv3SNMP traps, and IPv6.

The STE2 PLUS package includes a power adaptor and a 3m outdoor temperature sensor for remote temperature measurement. The device can be connected to the network via WiFi or LAN (RJ45) with PoE power support.

Sensor values are displayed via the device’s web interface, in API (SNMP or XML) on the portal, or on the mobile/tablet screen (HWg Monitor).

  • Connectivity: LAN, WiFi
  • 2x RJ11 port (1W-UNI) up to 15 sensor values in total
  • 2x DI (Digital input) for dry contacts
  • Temperature sensor (IP67, 3m) included in the retail package
  • Power adapter (International = EU, UK, US) included in the retail package
  • SMS messages & Voice calls are available with SMS-GW (external device) or Portal usage
  • Professional product features: IPv6, SNMP Traps, SNMP v3, VDO, HTTPs (customer certificate), PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Default portal (optional): (free service)
  • Compatible portals: SensDesk Technology
  • Mobile App: HWg Monitor (LAN or Portal connectivity)
Applications and usage:
  • Remote technical rooms monitoring
  • Drug storage with reports from Portal
  • Food storage (control of storage conditions, creation of HACCP logs using application software)
  • Building environment monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of refrigerator or freezer (alert when refrigerator fails, logging of operating and storage conditions)
  • Detection of water flooding at the point
  • Heating optimization (savings in heating and air conditioning costs)

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STE2 Plus, STE2 Plus Plain, STE2 Plus SMS-GW