RS-485 / 1-Wire bus converter, connecting max 4x 1-Wire sensors (RJ11) or Dry contacts to RS-485 (Poseidon 2250)

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Connects 4 dry contacts or 1-Wire bus RJ11 sensors to Poseidon2 4002 via RS-485 (RJ45) bus. There is allowed to connect more Spider units to RS-485 bus. Suitable for applications with complex cabling in server rooms, industrial buildings, etc.


  • Connects 4 dry contacts or RJ11 sensors to RS-485 bus
  • 2x RJ45 connectors for connecting the RS-485 bus enable daisy-chaining
  • Power over 485 bus from Poseidon, or from external power supply (barrel connector for external 12V adapter)
  • DIP switch for setting the address on RS-485 bus (sensor ID)
  • Signalization of sensor value being read / dry contact switched
  • Reaction to extremely short dry contact pulses (30 ms)

Applications and usage:

  • Enlarging the number of inputs for connection of dry contacts for Poseidon 2250.
  • Gathering values from 19” racks, RS-485 bus runs along the wall.
  • Temperature monitoring in supermarket freezers, RS-485 bus runs along the wall behind the freezers

Additional information

Weight0.062 kg
Dimensions70 × 55 × 36 cm





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