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Remote SensDesk training for users, customers or distributors. 4 hour training session over telco, Skype or HW group office.

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Description is a web-based service for online remote monitoring and control of HW group sensors and devices. You can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption and many more. You can also remotely control your technology using outputs.

We have created an article where everything we have ever produced concerning the use of SensDesk can be found. 


If you want to see what the SensDesk user interface looks like, try the demo. Log in to the portal as username “demo” and password “demo”.

Log in to the portal as username “demo” and password “demo”

SensDesk is a portal solution, so no installation is required, you can simply create your account by clicking on the “Create new account

SensDesk is Free, users can monitor any number of sensors, connected to up to 3 HW group devices. If you need to connect more devices, paid accounts are available. You can also buy your own dedicated SensDesk and run it as a virtual image on your own server.

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