SensDesk Remote Instalation


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SensDesk is easy to set up, just connect your HW group device to the network, create an account and start monitoring! SensDesk is for end-users as well as project installations with hundreds of devices. It can even also be installed on your own servers. The setup is quick and easy and our sensors can provide data over Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, LTE or Narrowband IoT.

Alert services You can set a safe range of values for any sens in the SensDesk. If this range is exceeded, the system shows an alert for the affected sensor. You can also set more safer ranges if you wish. Alerts can be forwarded to e-mail or SMS. All alerts, such as temporary device or sensor inaccessibility or values out of range, are recorded in the event log for easy system diagnostics.

Remote process control and switching SensDesk can monitor and control virtual outputs of connected devices. User can switch any output manually; in addition, SensDesk provides several simple algorithms for switching the outputs automatically according to sensor states.