Pilot PMAC770H Power Meter


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PMAC770H multi-function power meter is a new generation of intelligent power meter which was developed independently by ZHUHAI PILOT TECHNOLOGY CO. The instrument has high precision measurement and metering functions, timer recording and multi-tariff billing functions. It also equips with comprehensive power quality measuring functions, which including harmonic analysis, imbalance components measurement, flicker monitoring, voltage swell/sag/interruption recording, voltage fast change capture, fault recording, event recording etc. With above features PMAC770H can meet the S level of power quality monitoring standard. Accurate fault diagnosis and positioning functions, for local abnormalities or local faults in the power supply and consumption system. It can accurately record a large amount of waveform and event information to identify and accurately judge potential, transient or continuous local faults to ensure the safe and reliable operation of users’ power supply system.



PMAC770H-DS PMAC770H-User Manual

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