HWg HTemp-485 T3419


Humidity & Temperature probe (-30 to +105°C, 1m probe) with LCD display and RS-485 interface.

Outdoor usage with IP40 for probe limitation. Compatible with Poseidon 2250.



Temperature and humidity sensor HTemp-485 T3419. IP40 allows outdoor usage. Measured values are shown on a display and transmitted to the system over RS-485. Based on temperature and humidity measured, sensor calculate dew point, absolute humidity or specific humidity. Temperature range -30°C to +105°C. The sensor can be used alone or with Poseidon units.



  • Temperature and humidity probe with RS-485 connectivity and a display showing actual values
  • Display on the sensor body, showing actual measured values
  • Easy wall mounting
  • IP65/40 protection for outdoor use

Applications and usage:

  • Outdoor temperature monitoring
  • Wide-range monitoring systems with number of measurement points
  • Independent monitoring of food and crop stores, food manufacturing and processing
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of medical material and pharmaceutical stores
  • Environmental monitoring of residential areas.

Additional information

Weight0.340 kg
Dimensions230 × 160 × 65 cm