10mm inner hole, 50A/25mA, Split core For PMAC 202 – 42- S1

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The CTSA010 Series of low cost miniature split-core current
transformers are designed for fast and easy installation. The split-core
design permits non-contact current measurements through magnetic
field induction without requiring that the primary wire be taken offline
and disconnected for CT installation. This method permits a safer,
easier, and portable current measurement.
The relatively small physical size accommodates applications where the
installation of the CT will be in physically small spaces.

Rated Primary Current:
Ferrite core: 5A to 75A
Silicon Steel CRGO core: 5A to 90A
Secondary Output: 0.333V at rated current
(Optional: 0.100V to 5.000V @ rated current).
Optional: mA secondary output, standard
winding ratios:
o 1:1000, 1:2000
o 1:2500, 1:3000, 1:4000
TVS device configured across the secondary
to dissipate stored energy when current
transformer is opened while “live”.



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