Backup Power Supply 12V with 1,3 Ah capacity and power outage indication. Sole device w/o accessories.

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The “UPS 12V” is a backup power source for devices with 12V DC power supply. Apart from a stable output voltage of 12V up to 1.5A it provides information of external power supply outage via a built-in relay output. In terms of power supply the “UPS 12V” is compatible with all HW group devices powered by 12V power adaptors.

  • Connection of backed-up appliances via pin connector
  • Up to 1,5 A load on 12 V output
  • UPS status information via relay output
  • Output voltage: 12V Dual Terminal
  • Input voltage: 12V/1,5V
  • Baterry capacity: 1,3Ah (25°C) 0°C 85%, 25°C 100%, 40°C 102%
  • Dimensions: 135x90x60
  • Weight: 750g
  • Operation Temperature range: -20°-+60°C
  • Signal relay load: 50V/1A
Applications and usage:

In the IT, industry, as well as households back-up power supply (UPS) is a standard equipmnet, but for small devices as monitoring PBX or controll systems powered by 12V adopters there are no similar back-up power supplies and the installation of wasteful 230V UPS is unefficient solution.

The “UPS 12V” provides uninterruptible power supply for your device while the demands on instalation are not significantly higher. The back-up power supply is powered from a standard 12V adopter (12V/1,5A) the same which can also power the final device. In case of power network outage 12V battery starts powering and simultaneously signal relay is open.  Thanks to this the powered device can notify its user about power outage, eventually correctly terminate its activities. After power supply restores the relay is again closed and the built in battery is charged.


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